I'm Incendiaire (like incendiary but without the 'Y'), a single twenty-something gay guy who lives in the UK, and I've been blogging about sex toys for almost six years now.

I bought my very first sex toy online all the way back in 2011, and at the time it seemed like an adventurous thing to do, but since then I've managed to steadily amass a collection which now totals over 180 separate products. (If you're wondering where I store them, that's a whole issue in itself!)

Back at the time I bought my first toy I stumbled upon an online community run by one of the big retailers, where I discovered a group of like-minded people, and I soon realised that I enjoyed discussing toys and writing reviews for them, just as much as I enjoyed buying and using them.

At the start of 2012 I decided to take my passion for reviewing toys and create this blog as my own space to opine on the subject, and also to aggregate all the reviews I'd left on various online stores. I was also motivated by the desire to offer a male perspective on a subject which at the time was mostly dominated by a number of very competent female bloggers, many of whom I now consider as friends.

I aim to make my blog as inclusive as possible, and most of the items I review are intended to be enjoyed by people of any gender and sexual orientation, so I write very much with this in mind, and I hope that my reviews will prove useful to a wide variety of people.

The items which I predominantly review here include: masturbators, prostate massagers, butt plugs, anal dildos, cock rings, and even the occasional fetish item as I continue to branch out into this region. To a lesser extent I also review underwear, gay interest photography books, and personal lubricants.

A large number of the items I've reviewed I've purchased myself, and that's how I started out with reviewing, but on other occasions, where clearly noted, retailers and/or manufacturers have generously sent products to me free of charge in return for my assessment. In either case I always remain completely impartial, and offer my honest and unbiased opinion of the products, whether I like them or feel they fall short.

I always endeavour to maintain a clear and consistent style throughout my reviews, offering both technical specifications and personal experiences, to help you find the information you want as easily as possible. You'll also find the occasional guide that I've written on related subjects.

If you are a manufacturer or retailer who would be interested in having me review one of your products, then please visit the "contact" page for further details. I'm always happy to work with new companies, and full credit and SEO-friendly links are included in every review.