21 January 2018

Pocket Pulse by Hot Octopuss

Here's review number two to keep you going while I'm still away!

Right before Christmas last year my friends over at Hot Octopuss managed to sneak in an all new product launch, and they were kind enough to send me one to review, so let's go take a look at it.

The Pocket Pulse marks the fourth product in Hot Octopuss's line of Pulse guybrators, and also the first one to depart from the established design.

It may look different, but there's actually something deeper going on behind the smaller size and reshaped shell, because the Pocket Pulse doesn't employ the patented Pulse Plate technology found in the other models.

So what exactly is the Pocket Pulse then? Well the Pocket Pulse functions similarly to other Pulse models, but rather than incorporating the Pulse's signature oscillations it includes two standard vibrating motors, and in turn it's intended to be used somewhat differently. 

What was unique about the Pulse was its "no thrust" approach to male stimulation, but the Pocket Pulse is designed to be used in a more traditional fashion, which should appeal to any guy out there who really enjoys the mechanical action associated with sex and masturbation.  

The Pocket Pulse is also 30% cheaper than the Pulse III, making it all the more worth investigating. 

The first thing I like about the Pocket Pulse is the size. It's so much lighter and more compact, and it nestles so comfortably in the palm of your hand. It's the sort of thing you could think about travelling with, as well as having a place in your bedside drawer. 

The other thing I quite like is the newly designed enclosure, which replaces the two wings from before with a single arm. This makes it easier to get in and out of the device, though it still doesn't help too much for anyone who has a wide shaft. I found that in order to accommodate my girth the whole product would twist into the 2 o'clock position, and the left side of the shaft would protrude from the gap in the arm. This was mildly inconvenient but didn't prevent the product from functioning. 

The Pocket Pulse has two buttons to operate it, one located on each side of the body. A silver + turns on the device and increases the vibration strength, while a silver - decreases the power of the vibrations and turns the device off once more. 

What's interesting about the vibrations is that they don't appear to have any sort of focal point on the surface of the toy. There's a raised section inside the channel which mimics the appearance of the Pulse Plate from the other models, and which you would assume is intended to be the main source of the vibrations, but in fact it's not. The vibrations seem to emanate from inside the body of the toy and make the entire thing vibrate equally. You feel as much vibration from the exterior section which you're holding with your hand, as you do from the interior where your penis is, which I can't help but find a little strange. 

There are seven vibration levels in total, with the least powerful one feeling the most rumbly, and the strongest one bordering on being quite buzzy. They feel distinctly different to the oscillations of traditional Pulse, far more so than I would have expected.

In terms of use you really do have to follow the directions with the Pocket Pulse. Out of sheer curiosity I initially tried using it in a stationary fashion à la the Pulse III and had little luck. When you do use it correctly, however, it actually works rather well. What's nice is that you can actually start using it in a flaccid state if you're not already aroused. They do recommend using lube with it, but I found that the silicone arm managed to snag onto my foreskin, allowing the head of the penis to slip in and out of it just as it would were I using my hand. The fact that I was able to do this also helped to mitigate some of the tightness I was feeling as my penis bulged out of the channel.

The vibrations did feel good during use, and complemented the overall experience, but I couldn't help but feel that it was the manual thrusting that was doing most of the stimulation, and the vibrations were more of a sideshow, like a little added titillation to push you over the edge. It was that revelation which made me think that perhaps enough thought hadn't gone into that aspect of the design. If I were to rank what I most wanted to thrust my penis into, my hand, a Fleshlight, or the Pocket Pulse, then the Pocket Pulse would ultimately come last. A firm silicone shell just isn't ideal for a thrusting toy,  which becomes an issue when the stimulation seems to primarily come from the thrusting. 

One question which always comes up with the Pulses is the noise level, because the original models are not discreet at all, something I'd come to accept as just being a side effect of the unique Pulse Plate technology. What surprised me here is just how noisy the Pocket Pulse is too. I really thought that using traditional vibrating motors they'd be able to reduce the level significantly, but that's not the case at all. The major problem I have in this instance is that it's really hard to make any sort of excuse for the noise. With the other models you at least knew that you were getting this intense level of power along with all the racket, but with the Pocket Pulse there's more noise than there is sensation.

The Pocket Pulse honestly is a confusing toy for me, because I don't know what it's trying to be, and  therefore what I should pull it up on. If it's a vibrator then it's not a great vibrator because you have to thrust with it to make it work, and you get more stimulation from the thrusting action. If it's a manual stroker then it's not a great stroker either because the thrusting sensation doesn't feel as good as other products on the market, or even your hand. If you take it just at face value, as this slightly conflicted product in a category all of its own, then yes, it does work, but it's certainly not amazing. It manages to take two different concepts for masturbation, which can both work amazingly in their own right, and combines them to create something which works less well on both fronts. 

I do admire Hot Octopuss for what they're attempting to with revolutionising male sex toys, but for me this one is a bit of a swing and miss. If you're looking for a truly great experience with a vibrating/oscillating masturbator, then you're far better off spending a little more on a Pulse III and getting the real deal. If you primarily want a stroker for that traditional male masturbation experience, then there's a whole world of Fleshjacks and Tengas out there which will blow your mind.

The Pocket Pulse is by no means a terrible product, it's just kind of mediocre, and mediocre with a £70 price tag, which makes it hard to justify to anyone. I got some enjoyment out of it in the process of multiple testing, but the crux of the matter is that I honestly can't see myself ever reaching to use it again. 

Thanks to Hot Octopuss for sending me this to review, and you can find it on their website

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