25 October 2017

Tantus Ryder

Everyone's favourite butt plug, the Ryder, has undergone another facelift recently, and so it's time for me to update my review!

Head below to get the low-down.

23 October 2017

VixSkin Outlaw

Fresh off the heels of my Johnny review I thought I'd tackle the fourth and final dual-density Vixen dildo in my collection, the mammoth that is the Outlaw.

Head below for more!

22 October 2017

VixSkin Johnny

It's time for a review of one of my favourite dildos, and I can't believe it's taken me all this time to get around to it, the Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny.

I first bought this dildo back in 2013, making it the third dual-density Vixen toy in my collection, and it's by far the most realistic one I own. Head below for the review!

21 October 2017

Tantus Prostate Play

A couple of years ago back in early 2015 an unexpected parcel arrived at my door from my lovely friends at Tantus, containing none other than what was then their brand-new Prostate Play, and I'll admit that initially I was a little sceptical about it. You may be aware that in the past I haven't had a great deal of luck with this type of toy, and naturally that has clouded my opinion of them.

When I did eventually get around to trying out the Prostate Play I was actually pleasantly surprised by what I felt, but I still didn't quite know how to go about reviewing it, and so I set it aside waiting for the right time.

Today, while I'm still on a roll with reviewing, I've decided that I'm finally ready to tackle this one, so head below for more!

20 October 2017

So Divine Wicked Game Magic Wand

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail on behalf of So Divine, a new sex toy brand that's recently launched in the UK, and they asked if they could send over some products for me to review.

This time around I'm going to be looking at the Wicked Game Magic Wand, and it's one that I've been eager to try out, so let the review commence!

18 October 2017

So Divine Wild Thing Booty Plug

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail on behalf of So Divine, a new sex toy brand that's recently launched in the UK, and they asked if they could send over some products for me to review.

The first one I'm going to be looking at today is this bejewelled butt plug, so head below to see what I thought!

17 October 2017

Fun Factory The Boss Dildo

It's been a little while since my last review for Lovehoney, but this month they've been in touch and have very kindly sent over The Boss dildo from Fun Factory for me to try out.

Lovehoney has also just launched a brand new category on their website, Sex Toys for Gay Men, and it's a really convenient way to help find what you want. Considering the hundreds - if not thousands - of different products Lovehoney has in stock, it's nice to have a readily curated selection of all the things a gay guy might want to play with, so go check it out!

Now onto the review below.

12 October 2017

Butnik by Hole Punch Toys

A little while ago an e-mail showed up in my inbox from Colin at Hole Punch Toys, saying that he'd like to send me something, and naturally I was intrigued. Hole Punch is a company that I've followed for a while on Twitter, because they make the sort of quirky products that I adore, from buttplugs shaped like carrots and radishes, to dildos in the form of an ice lolly, a wine bottle, and even a revolver - and let's not forget this beauty that is the Fluke - but I've never actually owned anything from them, so I keenly accepted this enigmatic offer and then waited in suspense.

A week later and what should arrive in the post but this nifty little toy that they call the Butnik, and frankly it was love at first sight.

1 October 2017

Halloween Month!

October means one thing, Halloween, and although it's not until the end of the month there's no harm in starting to gather some ideas for it now. What better way to celebrate than with one of these fantastic Fleshlight Freaks dildos from Fleshjack? All are 15% off right now.

Check them out in more detail after the jump!