19 October 2015

Kris Evans Dildo

Five months ago, back in May, I had the fortune of stumbling across some Fleshjack dildos on sale for a ridiculously low price, and such is my love for all things Fleshjack I couldn't resist picking up the Kris Evans and Cody Cummings dildos for only £30 for the pair. 

Since then I've largely put off reviewing them as I find that unfortunately it all starts to sound the same whenever I talk about one, but as it happened this afternoon I saw a few photos of Kris Evans on Tumblr and had a sudden hankering to whip out his dildo, and I thought if I'm going to use it I might as well review it!

15 October 2015

PSA: Tantus Rumble

I know I've been talking a lot about Tantus lately - just looking at 4 out 5 of my latest reviews - but there's some very exciting news today that I have to share!

Since 1997 Tantus have been leading the way in the sex toy industry, pioneering the use of body-safe silicone as a standard across all their products, and today they've announced their next big leap forward into the realm of vibrators. For four years they've been quietly working away on their first ever piece of custom sex toy tech, designing it entirely from the ground up, and now it's finally ready to go into production. It's called the Rumble.

I could tell you all about it, but even better you can hear it directly from Tantus's amazing founder Metis Black: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1VvS0bJxNY

For more information on the Tantus Rumble, and how to support the project, keep reading below.

14 October 2015

Tantus Duchess

In the lore of Tantus first there came the Raptor, a beautiful chunky dildo with a bulbous head and amusing set of balls. Then there was the Duke, a reinvention of the Raptor, stripped of its balls but still retaining every other feature which made it great. Now we have the Duchess - Tantus's newest creation - the Duke in every way except it's been given a fresh lease of life in glorious dual-density silicone. Being both a huge fan of the Duke and all things dual-density it was clear that this was one I needed to try.

You can get the lowdown after the jump!

13 October 2015

Doxy Skittle

A couple of weeks ago I got a message from the folks at Doxy, the British company behind the Doxy Wand, asking me if I'd be interested in trying out their new product the Doxy Skittle. I've never had the opportunity to test out their signature massage wand thus far, but I've only ever heard good things about it, so naturally I was rather keen to get my hands on their newest creation. 

You can find out what I made of it below.

12 October 2015

Tantus Gary O2

Onto dildo number two and this time we're looking at Gary. I don't know why but I just find that name funny. Gary. It's a bit like in Family Guy when Mayor West remarks how silly it is that one of his cats is named 'Paul.' The name Gary seems to draw different associations for different people, but for me it always conjures up thoughts of Knots Landing, and Joan Van Ark yelling at her character's husband - the other Ewing brother.

Putting all that aside, the Gary O2 is another one of Tantus's new dual-density dildos, much like the Uncut #1 & #2. In fact I like to consider it an honorary member of the Uncut team just from looking at the design, as it has more wrinkled skin behind the head than I've seen on any other dildo. Perhaps it's the Uncut #2's secret alter-ego, we'll never know.

Onward for the review.

Tantus Uncut #1

No sooner have I finished off one batch of Tantus reviews at the end of last month, and I'm back with more to (hopefully) delight you with once again. Those superb silicone artisans from Sparks Nevada have been busy over the Summer coming up with exciting new dildo designs, and I'm fortunate enough to have three of them to put through their paces.

First up is the Uncut #1, which I'd describe as being a "one of a kind" if it weren't for the fact that there's also an Uncut #2, but jokes aside it's certainly one of the more unique dildos I've had the pleasure of encountering. What sets it apart is that it has the unusual feature of a foreskin which actually covers the head of the dildo, altering the traditional phallic silhouette that we think of when it comes to sex toys, so it should be fun to see how it performs. 

As always, get the rest below.