15 October 2015

PSA: Tantus Rumble

I know I've been talking a lot about Tantus lately - just looking at 4 out 5 of my latest reviews - but there's some very exciting news today that I have to share!

Since 1997 Tantus have been leading the way in the sex toy industry, pioneering the use of body-safe silicone as a standard across all their products, and today they've announced their next big leap forward into the realm of vibrators. For four years they've been quietly working away on their first ever piece of custom sex toy tech, designing it entirely from the ground up, and now it's finally ready to go into production. It's called the Rumble.

I could tell you all about it, but even better you can hear it directly from Tantus's amazing founder Metis Black: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1VvS0bJxNY

For more information on the Tantus Rumble, and how to support the project, keep reading below.

Just watching that video made me love Metis Black even more; she truly is an inspiring woman, and the passion she exudes is doubtless responsible for why Tantus produce some of the most-loved products that people own.

The Rumble is a new take on the Magic Wand style vibrators that many people are familiar with, but it makes significant upgrades aimed at improving the user experience, and this fills me with excitement. There's a handy infographic below which outlines the key points, but I'll go over them in some more detail.
  • As the name suggests, the Rumble is a powerful rumbly vibrator, because after all those are the vibrations which anyone will tell you work the best. They're the ones which penetrate deep into your erogenous zones and elicit the pleasurable sensations you're looking for. All the power in the world is worthless if the resulting vibrations are high pitched and buzzy, leaving you feeling like you're sanding off your epidermis and nothing more, and Tantus understand this.
  • It's lightweight. Power doesn't have to equal masses of heavy machinery, and nothing quite breaks you out of a moment of pleasure than a sudden ache in one arm.
  • It's quiet, because no one wants the sound of a jackhammer just to feel those Earth-shaking tremors, and they shouldn't have to either.
  • It's cordless, because power cables can be restrictive.
  • It's ergonomic. Tantus have designed the handle shape and button positions from the perspective of someone who's actually going to be using it!
  • And finally, it's easily cleanable because the head is removable and made from Tantus's premium silicone formula. 
This is a product which Tantus have designed for everybody, and not just that, but for every body. Whether you're male or female, any size or any shape, vibrations can feel fantastic, and Tantus wants this toy to be for you. 

Right now the Rumble is still in the pre-production phase, and to make this product a reality, with the potential to change the sex lives of countless people, they need all of our help. Tantus has launched a campaign on IndieGoGo to crowfund the manufacture of the Rumble. They're a small independent company with a lot of passion, but they can't call upon on vast resources that some of the sex toy giants can, so this is our opportunity to pitch in. If you love the idea of the Rumble as much as I do, then do consider pledging to their campaign. They have some fantastic reward tiers available, and as an earl-bird contributor you'll be able to get a Rumble for 40% less than the eventual retail price.

Let's all try to make this happen together! Join the campaign.

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