13 October 2015

Doxy Skittle

A couple of weeks ago I got a message from the folks at Doxy, the British company behind the Doxy Wand, asking me if I'd be interested in trying out their new product the Doxy Skittle. I've never had the opportunity to test out their signature massage wand thus far, but I've only ever heard good things about it, so naturally I was rather keen to get my hands on their newest creation. 

You can find out what I made of it below.

The Doxy Skittle is possibly one of the most unusual-looking sex toys I've ever come across, and in my book that tends to be a good thing. The world of sex toys can often be a marketplace flooded with a slew of copycat products and regurgitated ideas, so when I see something this different the "innovation" lightbulb goes on above my head and I get excited.

The basic design of the Skittle is rather reminiscent of the lower half of a bowling pin, immediately giving away the origins of its name, and at the top of it it features this little insertable nub which is positioned off-centre and looks a lot like the teat on a cow's udder. I've really never seen anything like it before, and it's interesting to note that only 27% of its entire length is designed to be used inside the body. The product is constructed out of a nice solid plastic and covered in a layer of velvety silicone, and it all feels very robust.

The Skittle is a mains-powered sex toy, just like the Doxy Wand, and it comes with a very generous length of cable. From the plug to the control unit the cable measures 2.9m, and then from the controls to the Skittle itself there is another 0.8m of cable, making it very convenient to use if you don't have a power socket directly by your bed, like me. The plug is one of these clever transformer units with the interchangeable prongs, which allow it to be used in any country, though it does only come with the corresponding set of prongs for the region you buy it in, but it's not hard to obtain different ones online, or borrow them from another toy. 

The concept of the Skittle is that it's intended to be a unisex product, so if you're a man then that means you have the choice of using it either externally on the penis, or anally. Because it's mains powered that means it's incredibly powerful, and when you first turn it on you can see the nub at the end shaking from side to side and causing a motion blur around the edges. It's incredibly simple to operate with the remote; it lights up when you hit the power button, and then the intensity can be adjusted by holding down either the (+) or  (-) buttons. As well as a constant vibration mode which comes on by default, there's also a variable escalating pulse setting which can be activated by holding down the power button for a count of three whilst the device is turned off. Once the button is released and the Skittle powers on this brings you into the pulsing mode, and again this can be adjusted by using the (+) and (-) buttons.

If you're a fan of using vibrators on the penis - something I always recommend trying out - then you're sure to enjoy the Doxy Skittle too, because not only is it powerful, but it's also got those deep rumbly vibrations that surpass all others. If you've never tried it then it delivers quite a different sensation to a stroking action, and creates intense and very pleasurable orgasms, often of the toe-curling variety. The only downside in this regard is that it's a bit cumbersome on the whole. It's far easier to pick up your We-Vibe Tango bullet when you're looking for some rumbly vibrations on the penis, than it is to manage the extra size and weight of the Skittle, and the fact that you need both hands in order to operate the remote as well.

In terms of an anal device, again I have to say "wow" to those vibrations because they'll really hit you the first time you turn it on, but then that brings us back to what I see as the unfortunate flaw in the design, and that's the size of the nub. This funny little teat through which all the power of the Skittle is transmitted only has an insertable length of 2". Once it's inside the body there's barely enough there for the sphincter to hold onto, let alone do anything else. You switch it on and immediately you can feel the strength and intensity of those deep rumbly vibrations, but the main focus of the vibrations seems to be primarily into the sphincter. It's powerful enough that some of the vibrations do radiate out deeper into the body, even into the prostate, and it does feel quite pleasant on the whole, but it's also a little frustrating, because I can't help but imagine how it would feel if it was an inch or so longer, enough to make direct contact with the prostate and have the full force of those vibrations going right into it. There's so much power there, but it's largely going to waste, and that's disappointing. The other issue there is is that of keeping it inside the body, because if you're not constantly holding onto the Skittle then the force from the vibrations will cause the little nub to wriggle its way out of the body entirely, and then you have to stop and pop it in again. I say that from the perspective of using it whilst lying down, though you could of course stand it on its flat base and squat over it, but I didn't find any benefits from that position.

Like many mains powered devices it is that little bit more noisy than the majority of battery powered toys, but it's not too wild so I wouldn't worry about it being heard through a closed door. The sound does seem to amplify though if it makes contact with a mattress, so it's quieter in hand. 

For me the Doxy Skittle is a really interesting device, because the design is completely unique, and it has the build quality and power to back it up, but in both of its applications I can think of other things which do a better job. It really could be an amazing prostate toy if it just had the extra length to go deeper, and then the fact that it can also be used on the penis would be an added bonus thrown in, regardless of it being a little cumbersome. As it stands though, it's not something I'd be rushing to suggest that the single man goes out and buys for himself. The fact that it's a unisex toy may be its saving grace however, because it does have male applications which work sufficiently well, that if a female partner found it especially suited to her then both could enjoy it together. That isn't my particular area of expertise though. 

Thanks to Doxy for sending the Skittle to me to review, and it's available from the following retailers: SexToys.co.uk, Simply Pleasure, and Nice 'n' Naughty

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