20 December 2015


Back in October I was contacted by a distribution company who work for Penomet, and they asked me if I'd be interested in doing a review for their penis pump. Considering I hadn't reviewed anything like this since the Hydromax in 2013 I decided to accept their offer, and a month later a parcel showed up at my door. After a good window of time for some thorough testing, the review is finally here. Catch it below.

7 December 2015

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost

Happy December everyone, and this month I'm back with an all-new Fleshlight review, courtesy of the folks at Lovehoney. A few weeks ago Fleshlight unveiled their brand new product the "Quickshot" and naturally I wanted to give it a whirl, so I got in touch with my friends at Lovehoney and they kindly agreed to send me one to review. Believe it or not this is actually the first new Fleshlight mastubator I've reviewed in almost three years, since the Sword back in January 2013.

Catch the review below!

23 November 2015

Keep Burning Shaft Dildo

This week I have a brand new sponsor, the lovely folks at Meo.de - your premiere source of sex toys in Germany - and they've kindly sent me a couple of things to review for them. The first up is the Shaft dildo from Keep Burning, a brand I've been impressed by in the past, so let's see if this one lives up to its reputation. 

22 October 2015

Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massager

A mere month ago Lelo released a trio of exciting new prostate massagers which I reviewed here on this very blog, and now today they've gone and announced one more to add to the mix.

Clearly they work fast over at Lelo, and I was lucky enough to receive one to review, so let's go ahead and see what I made of the Loki Wave!

19 October 2015

Kris Evans Dildo

Five months ago, back in May, I had the fortune of stumbling across some Fleshjack dildos on sale for a ridiculously low price, and such is my love for all things Fleshjack I couldn't resist picking up the Kris Evans and Cody Cummings dildos for only £30 for the pair. 

Since then I've largely put off reviewing them as I find that unfortunately it all starts to sound the same whenever I talk about one, but as it happened this afternoon I saw a few photos of Kris Evans on Tumblr and had a sudden hankering to whip out his dildo, and I thought if I'm going to use it I might as well review it!

14 October 2015

Tantus Duchess

In the lore of Tantus first there came the Raptor, a beautiful chunky dildo with a bulbous head and amusing set of balls. Then there was the Duke, a reinvention of the Raptor, stripped of its balls but still retaining every other feature which made it great. Now we have the Duchess - Tantus's newest creation - the Duke in every way except it's been given a fresh lease of life in glorious dual-density silicone. Being both a huge fan of the Duke and all things dual-density it was clear that this was one I needed to try.

You can get the lowdown after the jump!

13 October 2015

The Don by Doxy (AKA the Doxy Skittle)

A couple of weeks ago I received a message from William, one of the owners of Doxy, the British company behind the award-winning Doxy Wand, asking me if I'd be interested in trying out their newest product the Doxy Skittle*. I haven't yet had the opportunity to test out their signature massage wand, but having heard many a voice in the blogosphere rave about it, naturally I was eager to get my hands on their latest creation. 

You can find out what I made of it below.

Update: The Doxy Skittle was rebranded as the Don by Doxy in 2016, following a trademark dispute with Wrigley over the name, but it remains the same product. I took this opportunity to revisit the Don and have included some subsequent thoughts.

12 October 2015

Tantus Gary O2

Onto dildo number two and this time we're looking at Gary. I don't know why but I just find that name funny. Gary. It's a bit like in Family Guy when Mayor West remarks how silly it is that one of his cats is named 'Paul.' The name Gary seems to draw different associations for different people, but for me it always conjures up thoughts of Knots Landing, and Joan Van Ark yelling at her character's husband - the other Ewing brother.

Putting all that aside, the Gary O2 is another one of Tantus's new dual-density dildos, much like the Uncut #1 & #2. In fact I like to consider it an honorary member of the Uncut team just from looking at the design, as it has more wrinkled skin behind the head than I've seen on any other dildo. Perhaps it's the Uncut #2's secret alter-ego, we'll never know.

Onward for the review.

Tantus Uncut #1

No sooner have I finished off one batch of Tantus reviews at the end of last month, and I'm back with more to (hopefully) delight you with once again. Those superb silicone artisans from Sparks Nevada have been busy over the Summer coming up with exciting new dildo designs, and I'm fortunate enough to have three of them to put through their paces.

First up is the Uncut #1, which I'd describe as being a "one of a kind" if it weren't for the fact that there's also an Uncut #2, but jokes aside it's certainly one of the more unique dildos I've had the pleasure of encountering. What sets it apart is that it has the unusual feature of a foreskin which actually covers the head of the dildo, altering the traditional phallic silhouette that we think of when it comes to sex toys, so it should be fun to see how it performs. 

As always, get the rest below.

27 September 2015

Tantus Cush O2

It's taken a few months but I can now say that I've finally reached the last piece in my box of reviewable goodies that Tantus sent me earlier this year.

I've been a big fan of Tantus's dual-density O2 toys for a while now, starting with the Max, and then the Adam, but so far all the ones I've tried have been of the realistic style, so I was really eager to try out one of the more colourful and unusually-shaped offerings. Being the girth fan that I am I opted for the Cush over the Flurry, and you can catch the review below.

17 September 2015

Lelo Hugo and Bruno Prostate Massagers

The other week I looked at the first of Lelo's three new vibrating prostate massagers for men, the Loki, and today I'm going to be looking at the other two, the Hugo and the Bruno.

The Hugo and the Bruno are essentially the same product, except that the Hugo comes with the addition of a wireless remote, which is why I've chosen to cover both in one review. Everything I say about the Hugo can be applied to the Bruno, up until the section where I cover the functions of the remote itself, so hopefully this will be a more helpful way of looking at it.

1 September 2015

Lelo Loki Prostate Massager

September is upon us and as we bid a sad farewell to the Summer let's kick off the month with an exciting new product review!

A week ago Lelo made a big splash when they announced the launch of some all new toys for men, in the form of three specially-designed prostate massagers, and I had the very good fortune to be contacted prior to the launch and offered the chance to review them.

First up is the Loki, which I like to think of as the successor to the Billy. The Billy was my first serious sex toy that I got my hands on back in the infancy of my reviewing days, and it was all thanks to a £100 prize that I won in SexToys.co.uk's Review of the Month competition. Before then I never would have considered spending £80 on a sex toy but the Billy quickly became a firm favourite, blowing me away with its intense vibrations, and proving it was worth every penny. With the passage of time, though, there did come a point when I started to crave a little more; a little more power, a little more girth, and now it would seem Lelo have heeded that call.

Catch the review below!

10 August 2015

ElectraStim Intruder butt plug

Last month I had the opportunity to review my first ever solid metal electrosex butt plug, courtesy of my new friends at E-Stim, and now this month my old friends over at ElectraStim have provided me with one of their metal plugs so I can do a little comparison. As it happens both plugs are rather conveniently almost identical in size, which should make for nice straight forward assessment of their other attributes, and in all other respects the two designs couldn't be more different.

As always, catch the rest below.

9 August 2015

Tantus Pack 'n' Play No.2

Back in March Tantus's customer service pirate, the lovely Captain Sparkle Bunny, kindly sent me a bag of goodies to review for them, and I've been steadily plodding my way through it whenever I get a spare moment. Today I'm going to be looking at the Pack 'n' Play No.2 dildo, and you may remember that I reviewed the Pack 'n' Play No.1 a while back and was a big fan of it.

Check out the review after the jump!

14 July 2015

Tornado Glass Dildo

A few weeks ago Bondara asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing any products from their website, and when I spotted this twisty glass dildo I knew that it was the one for me. I've seen dildos similar to this from various brands for a while now and they've always piqued my curiosity, so I'm quite pleased to finally get my hands on one.

28 June 2015

E-Stim Torpedo

It's time for my second E-Stim review, right on the back of their ETO Award win this month, and today I'm looking at the Torpedo metal butt plug. I was quite excited when E-Stim agreed to send this one over to me as I've been keen to try out a metal attachment for a while, ever since I made my first foray into the world of electro-play last year with a lovely silicone toy from another brand. Metal is actually a sex toy material I'm rather fond of in general - you need only read my review of the nJoy Pure Plug 2.0 to be convinced of that - so to my mind coupling it with my appreciation for electro-play can only be a recipe for good things.

Head below to catch the full review.

19 June 2015

E-Stim Micro ElectroSound

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the folks at E-Stim who asked if I'd be interested in reviewing any of their products, and being that I've enjoyed Electrosex toys before I was quick to say yes. I requested this impressive metal beast of a butt plug that they call the Torpedo, and when they sent it over they were kind enough to include some other goodies too, in the form of their "Intro2Electro for Him" kit, and a Micro Urethral Sound.

As eager as I am to get straight into the Torpedo it made more sense to start here with the other bits and pieces first, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait until next week for that. Right now you can click below to catch round two of me inserting electrically-charged steel into my penis.

10 June 2015

Straight to the Point penis plug stretcher

This week I'm going to be delving back into the world of urethral sounding thanks to Uberkinky and a new one of their penis plugs they've sent to me. It's been a little while since I've tried a toy of this type, but when I saw the Straight to the Point penis plug stretcher I was quite intrigued by the general design of it and I thought it would be fun to try out.

Head below to catch the review!

8 May 2015

Tantus Flame

It's time for another delve into my box of Tantus goodies, and this week I'm going to be looking at the Flame - a dildo that somehow always has me thinking of Cheap Trick whenever I say its name.

The Flame was originally a dildo that was only available as part of a harness set, with no option to purchase it by itself, and naturally that only made me more curious about it, then as luck would have it Tantus went ahead and made a limited edition standalone red version of it and I knew I had to have one. It's also quite handy from a review perspective, as while I'm not someone who uses harnesses, I know that a lot of people buy them specifically for pegging, so it's useful for me to be able to offer feedback on how the dildo itself performs for a man.

As always, head below for the review!

18 April 2015

Pulse II Solo

This week it's time for a review of a new product from my friends at Hot Octopuss: the Pulse II Solo. It's the follow-up to their wildly successful original 'guybrator', The Pulse, which launched back in 2013 to much acclaim. I was a huge fan of that toy, so let's see where they're taking us now!

Note: this product has since been replaced by an updated version, the Pulse III Solo

5 April 2015

Tantus Vibrating Progressive Beads

This month my new customer service friend at Tantus, Captain Sparkle Bunny, has sent me their brand new Tantus Vibrating Progressive Beads which are due to launch officially any time now, and you can get a early preview right here with my review!

As always, follow the link below for more.

18 March 2015

Tenga Air-Tech Gentle / Regular / Strong comparison

I've been a little inactive on the review front lately, and to make up for it I'm going to be doing a little something fun today: comparing all three of the new Tenga Air-Tech masturbators, courtesy of my long-time friends at SexToys.co.uk

This is exciting for me because typically when there's a range of toys to choose from you never see them all reviewed by the same person, and often I find it quite difficult to decide what's going to be the right one for me to buy when I'm piecing together different people's opinions and experiences. I had that very problem with the Tenga 3D, and I ended up picking poorly. I'm hoping that by me looking at the Air-Techs all at once I'll be able to offer some continuity.

19 February 2015

L'Amourose Rosa

Right at the end of last year an e-mail arrived in my inbox from L'Amourose, offering me the opportunity to review one of their products. As it happened I'd seen a number of very favourable reviews popping up all over the place for their Rosa massager, so naturally I was curious to see what all the fuss was about, and too if it would live up to its reputation.

I gladly accepted the generous offer and a couple of weeks ago a shiny Rosa showed up on my doorstep, courtesy of the folks at Pasante (whose condoms I have fond memories of, as they were handed out freely in several of the bars I frequented whilst at university). With some thorough testing done it's now time for the review, so head below. 

14 February 2015

Three Years!

My little blog turned three today; it almost doesn't seem possible, and yet at the same time it has become an established part of my life since I began it in earnest back in 2012.

I've been too swamped to really plan anything to celebrate it this year, so I thought I'd just make a brief post to mark the milestone.

As always thanks to everyone who's been a part of my blogging experience over the past year, from the humble commenters on my reviews, to the generous companies who've sent out products for me to test. I couldn't keep doing it without the support.

Before I sign off, seeing as today also marks another event, I hope all the couples out there have a great Valentine's Day together. As for the rest of us, pizza and Fleshjack would be a fine way to spend the evening.

8 February 2015

Minna Life Limon

A couple of weeks ago Em over at SexToys.co.uk got in touch with me and asked if I fancied reviewing anything for them. They're one of my favourite retailers, with whom I've worked a lot in the past (and even received their coveted Seal of Approval), so of course I said yes and went off on a hunt through their "what's new" section to find the perfect item.

I realised that I hadn't reviewed anything of the vibrating variety recently, so when I saw the Minna Life Limon I knew that it would be just the ticket. As always you can find out what I thought below.

31 January 2015

Blush Novelties 'Ai' and 'Cici'

Last month I was contacted by Blush Novelties who asked if I would review a couple of their products, so I had good root through their website and found this rather lovely-looking pair of silicone dildos, the Ai and the Cici.

I've had plenty of time to thoroughly test them out now, so it's time for the review; check it out below!

26 January 2015

Bondara "Mr Realist" Luxury Silicone Dildo

A couple of weeks ago Bondara got in touch with me and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing their new realistic silicone dildo with suction cup, and I took one look at it on their website and replied with an emphatic "yes."

There was little chance of me turning down the opportunity to get my hands on such a glorious piece of silicone penis, and now you can catch the review below.

18 January 2015

Tantus Bound

I've finally reached the bottom of my lovely box of new Tantus toys that I've been dutifully working my way through since August, and so I now present to you the Bound!

When Tantus announced the Bound last year it was a toy I took one look at and knew that I had to have, so when Peyton offered to send me a few new pieces to review it was right at the top of my list. The Bound is actually the product of a partnership between Tantus and those awesome folks at SheVibe, though their combined venture "Vibeology." When you think of Tantus's superb quality toys, and SheVibe's amazing artwork, it's almost a match made in heaven, and I was eager to see the fruit of their labours. You can catch the review below.

10 January 2015

Tantus Suction Cup

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas period, and that your stockings were filled with exciting sex toys to add a little warmth to these cold Winter nights. January is upon us and in an effort to break out of my seasonal hiatus a little sooner than in past years I've decided to ease myself into 2015 with a simple little review.

Tantus has just brought out a new iteration of their suction cup and I'm going to talk about it. A suction cup is something that I've wanted for quite a while now, because I have around seven Tantus toys that it's compatible with, so get the low-down below!