24 October 2014

Tantus Fantasy Gag

And now for something completely different, as John Cleese famously once said. It's not often that I stray into the world of S&M or bondage, but when I saw the Fantasy Gag from Tantus it seemed unusual enough that I wanted to try it. I'm someone that has, shall we say, an oral fixation. I unashamedly love giving head, and in fact half the fun for me of buying a porn star dildo is the chance to suck on it and see how it feels in my mouth, so when I saw that Tantus had made a gag in the shape of a penis I wondered what could be better. I may not be entirely into the scene of being gagged, but having a penis strapped inside my mouth is something I'm more than happy to try, so let's see how this particular piece fares.

17 October 2014

Fun Factory Vibrator Giveaway Winners

For the past three weeks I've been running a competition with Fun Factory to give away three of their all new vibrators. It came to a close a few hours ago, and because I don't believe in dilly-dallying the winners have already been drawn at random and you can check below to see if you were one of the lucky three to be chosen.

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, and who helped to spread the word by tweeting and through other social media. I did spot that I got a large number of entrants from the United States, who missed the notice that the competition was open to people in Europe only. Sorry about that guys; I'll try to hold another giveaway soon that's open to folks in North America as well.

Everyone who's won should get a confirmation e-mail from me saying which vibrator they'll be receiving. I've tried to pair everyone up with their first preference, so I hope you'll all be happy. Someone from Fun Factory should be in touch shortly to obtain your shipping information.

The winners' names are featured on the widget below:

11 October 2014

Tantus Amsterdam

It's time for my review of the second piece to come out of my recent box of Tantus goodies. Whereas last time the Slow Drive proved to be my least favourite toy of the lot, I'm just going to go ahead and spoil it right now by saying that the Amsterdam has been by far the one I've enjoyed the most.

To find out what makes me love it so much click below!

3 October 2014

Fun Factory B-Balls (old version)

One of the things I love more than anything is reviewing products which are completely new and unique, something which becomes increasingly rare when you own as many toys as I do now, and that's why I'm pretty excited to be taking a look at the Fun Factory B-Balls today. This is actually a product that I've been trying to get hold of for a little while, ever since I first came across it a few months ago, and it's really not like me to actually seek out a specific toy but I found my interest significantly piqued by it. I was very fortunate last month when Christian from Fun Factory offered to send one over to me whilst we were arranging the vibrator giveaway, enabling me to share all the details about it now.

Update: Fun Factory have updated the design of this plug as of 2017. Please see my new review for more up-to-date information.

The old review continues below