9 September 2013

Tantus Ryder

The Tantus Ryder is a plug which has quickly become considered something of a design classic amongst sex toy connoisseurs. Given this reputation I knew that sooner or later I would have to try it, and while previously I had eschewed its rather simplistic design in favour of more elaborate-looking products, the time has finally come for me to weigh in. Catch the review after the jump!

I don't know if Metis Black was reading Lord of the Rings when it came time to design the Tantus Ryder but "One butt plug to rule them all" seems like a pretty fitting description for this particular toy.

The Ryder, quite frankly, is a toy that just works; it's not fancy, it doesn't come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it performs its duty to the letter. It slides into place, it fills you up, and it stays where you leave it until you're ready to take it out again.

Looking at the Ryder it is a fairly non-descript toy; nothing about it especially jumps out at you or captivates your interest. It was perhaps the lack of excitement associated with it which lead to my delay in acquiring it, as typically I'm drawn to things with a little more flare, but it is in its simplicity which lies the key to this toy. The central design of the plug is rather like a capsule of cod liver oil, a squashed ellipsoid, long, gently curved, and rounded at each end. From one end sprouts a rather thin neck which joins onto a sturdy oblong base.

The entire plug measures in at 5" in length with 4 1/4" that are actually insertable, while the remainder is taken up by the reassuringly-thick base. Around the middle of the plug it has a 5 1/4" circumference which is a pretty decent size for most people; it's not too big and not too small, but the lack of taper at the tip will likely rule it out for any complete novices. The neck of the plug is 7/8" long which should offer adequate space for the muscles to come to rest along once it's fully inserted. The base of the plug is 1" wide by 2 1/4" in length, and it varies in thickness from 3/4" in the middle to 1/2" at the sides. Altogether it forms a pretty solid and secure piece which should anchor the plug firmly outside the body.

Like all Tantus products the Ryder is made from 100% platinum silicone; my all time favourite sex toy material. It's completely non-porous, odourless, and body safe, so you can feel confident putting it inside your body, and you can also sterilise it and share it with a partner. The silicone is Tantus's regular formulation, so it's a little on firm side, but with just enough give in the surface if you squeeze it gently. The finish to the silicone is completely smooth and glossy, giving it a nice polished appearance.

The production quality of the Ryder is excellent; something which I've learnt to expect from Tantus. There are no mould lines anywhere, nor any defects in the surface, so I really wouldn't be justified in complaining about a thing. Perhaps the only thing which bothers me slightly is the lack of complete symmetry in the plug, but that's not a flaw so much as my obsessive compulsive nature nitpicking.

The Ryder is a lovely toy to use and I'm going to go ahead and say that you probably won't need a warm up toy if you've had experience with other butt plugs and dildos before. If you're a beginner then I'd really suggest you find something with a bit more taper before tackling the Ryder. As the end of the plug is completely rounded you're going to want to go quite slowly at first when inserting the Ryder, and use plenty of water-based lube, as the sphincter is going to go from zero dilation to the total width of the plug in quite a short distance. The shiny surface of the silicone slides quite easily through the muscle, and the small amount of give in the surface ensures a comfortable experience if you decide to pause along the way and give a little clench.

Once you have the tip of the plug inserted it's smooth sailing from then on and it gently glides the rest of the way in. There's no real sense of a "pop" as the bulb becomes completely enveloped, and instead the sphincter just swallows up the narrow neck and comes to rest against the base.

The plug feels very comfortable inside the body and is held quite securely. The capsule shape is filling but without being too much; you're aware that something is there, but it's not constantly grabbing your attention. The neck of the plug is narrow enough to allow the sphincter to relax somewhat around it, and not feel constantly stretched open, and it's long enough to have room for the entire sphincter to sit along it, so part isn't perched up against the underside of the bulb and compromising how securely it's anchored within the body.

The base of the plug nestles neatly between the buttocks and feels quite unobtrusive. Its rounded edges mean that nothing pokes uncomfortably into the skin, and the thickness of it prevents it from being floppy, giving you the peace of mind that the base will stay firmly outside the body where it belongs. It also doubles as a convenient handle for when it comes time to remove the plug.

When being worn the plug is quite discreet, meaning you can wear it under clothing without it being noticed. You can wear it while walking around, sitting down, sleeping, during sex, and because it's a comfortable plug it's perfect for long term wear. One downside is that because the base is quite thick it's not as comfortable to sit down while wearing as some other Tantus plugs, so ideally you'd want a more cushioned chair.

It's a really nice plug if you're looking for something straightforward, and I have to say it probably is a key piece for every toy chest. Sometimes you just want a plug that's going to be a plug, and offer that nice sensation of having something moderately sized filling you up, and this does just that, and extremely well. It's not the right product if you want lots of texture, or prostate stimulation, or to feel overly filled, but it's definitely a good place to start with a butt plug collection, and a toy that you'll keep coming back to because of its comfort and quality.

Over all I can say that I'd happily recommend the Tantus Ryder; it's a simple plug that does exactly what it's supposed to, and you'll feel pleased every time you put it in.

The Ryder is available directly from Tantus, as well as the fine folks at SheVibe.

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