23 September 2013

Don Wands Blue Swirled Delight Dildo

Back in January as I was concluding my review of the Mister Twister glass dildo I commented that, while I did enjoy the texture, I felt a traditional dildo shape might be better, and I've decided to finally put that to the test. There are a couple of dildos currently on the market that fit the bill, including the Icicles No.29 from Pipedream, which is a range that I'm quite familiar with, but I decided that in the pursuit of diversity I'd go another direction and purchased the Blue Swirled Delight from Don Wands. This makes glass toy number five in my collection, and my first from this brand. Check out the review after the jump!

16 September 2013

Fun Factory Boosty

A few months ago I reviewed the rather small yet surprisingly enjoyable Fun Factory Bootie butt plug, and as much as I enjoyed it I couldn't help but crave a little more size, so today I'm reviewing its big Brother the Boosty.

5 September 2013

Ultimate-D, delay cream and spray

It's my second review of the "Ultimate" products, and this time I'll going to be looking at Ultimate-D, two products designed to desensitise the penis and prolong sex, for those looking to really extend the throes of passion with their lover.

Ultimate Lube

Recently the folks at Planet Earth Wholesale asked if I'd be interested in reviewing some sexual enhancements products from the "Ultimate" range, including this stimulating lubricant. Normally I'm not a huge fan of reviewing lubes because there's only so many different ways to describe how slippery something is before it all starts sounding the same, but these products seemed interesting enough for me to make an exception. 

2 September 2013

Tantus Raptor

If you've been following my blog over the past year and a half then you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Tantus products, so when I saw that they'd come out with this amazing orange dildo which they were calling the "Raptor" I immediately knew I'd have to get my hands on it. It's their second dildo to bear the name of a dinosaur, after the rather large and foreboding T-Rex, so we can gather that there's a little bit of theme going on here. Thankfully the Raptor is the smaller cousin, and you can find out what I made of it after the jump!