27 May 2013

Dual-Density Dildos

One of my favourite types of sex toy on the market today is the dual-density dildo, and the simple reason for this is that they offer an unparalleled sense of realism, something which you'll almost struggle to believe until the first time you try one for yourself. 

What makes dual-density dildos so special is that they're designed in such a way that they have a firm-yet-flexible inner core, surrounded by a layer of soft squishy material on the outside. It works in much the same way as a real penis, where the shaft is solid during an erection, while the head remains spongy. It's not something which many of us ever give much thought to, but this particular feature of the penis exists so as to facilitate comfortable intercourse for the receptive partner; the spongy head acts like a shock absorber, cushioning any accidental impact caused by over-vigorous thrusting, and the dual-density dildos mimic this perfectly.

20 May 2013

Big Teaze Toys VërSpanken™ and WaterWieners™

This week Nice 'n' Naughty have sent me the all new VërSpanken™ from Big Teaze Toys, and they were even kind enough to throw in some WaterWieners™ as well.

The VërSpanken™ is a totally new type of masturbator for men and I've been intrigued by the design of it for a little while now, so I'm excited to be trying it out, along with its interchangeable inserts, the WaterWieners™.

13 May 2013

Perfect Fit Cock Armour

The second of my goodies which I'm reviewing from Planet Earth Wholesale this month is the Perfect Fit Cock Armour.

Usually cock rings aren't something which I'm terribly interested in, but I do make an exception when there's something a little special about the design, such as with several of the Oxballs products I've tried. It's funny because in the past I've described the Oxballs Cocksling as being like a suit of armour for the penis, and now Perfect Fit have gone and made a product with "Armour" in the name, so I guess there's something to be said for minds which think alike.

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6 May 2013

Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug

I was very fortunate last week to receive a box of review samples in the post from the nice people at Planet Earth Wholesale - the UK distributor of the Perfect Fit brand of toys.

Amongst the items was included a type of toy that I've actually been interested in trying out for a while a now - a Tunnel Plug. A Tunnel Plug is in essence just a butt plug, but with a slight twist, and that is that unlike most plugs it's not solid right the way through, instead having a hollow centre which runs from end to end. I'm a sucker for anything which defies the norm, so I was curious to see how this could be put to use.

Check out the review below!