30 April 2013

Tantus Silk Large

It's the last day of April and I'm rounding off the month with a review of another Tantus product, the Silk dildo.

26 April 2013

Tantus Adam O2

It's another week and another nice new product to test out! This time I was sent the Tantus Adam O2 to review.

The Adam is another dual-density dildo, like the Tantus Max O2 which I reviewed last year, and being that I'm a big fan of these I was quite eager to get my hands on it. You can check out the review below.

23 April 2013

Keep Burning Cock Skull Dildo

A couple of days ago I was browsing social media, as I often do when trying to keep up to date with the latest comings and goings in the sex toy industry, when I happened to spot a Tweet featuring a product which really drew my attention - the Cock Skull dildo. As you'll probably know I love unique and unusual products, so suddenly I had to know everything about this, including who made it and what it was made from, so off I went to do some investigation work. I soon discovered that the Cock Skull dildo is made by a little company based in Luxembourg called Keep Burning, and it's not the only interesting design they have available either. What really stood out for me though is that all their products are handmade in Belgium from 100% silicone, and they even have a page dedicated to explaining why they do this, so instantly I knew that this was a company I was going to like.

Armed with this new knowledge my immediate urge was to share this discovery with everyone, so naturally I sent out a Tweet about this amazing-looking dildo, and it just happened that someone from Keep Burning saw my Tweet and messaged me with an offer of a product to review. I have to say that I was thrilled to be able to get my hands on one in such a short space of time after initially discovering it, and now you can read my review below!

20 April 2013

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

Not long ago the German manufacturer Fun Factory came out with a revolutionary new thrusting vibrator for women, called the Stronic Eins. After reading several reviews of it I immediately became curious about how it would actually feel to experience the sensations from it first hand, and being the fan of innovation that I am I  began to wonder if there was any way that I could use it myself. Luckily for me, however, Fun Factory have just released the all-new Stronic Zwei, with a flared based specifically designed for anal use, so I need wonder no longer.

When Sam from Simply Pleasure asked if I'd like to try one out I have to say that I was thrilled by the offer and positively ecstatic, so huge, huge, thanks to them for sending it to me.

13 April 2013

Mojo Spades Small

Last month when Sam from Simply Pleasure sent me the Jimmyjane Hello Touch to review she was kind enough to throw in a couple of samples from the Mojo range of toys. I must confess that Mojo isn't a brand that I've heard of before - nor do I know from where it originates, though its products bear a "Made in China" mark on the packaging - but as always I'm keen to try out something new. 

The two items which I received were the Ion Strength Cock Ring - which I may review at a later date - along with one of the Spades butt plugs. The plugs come in two sizes, a Large and a Small, and I happened to get the Small. You can check out the review below.

5 April 2013

Jimmyjane Form 2

I was chatting to Sam from Simply Pleasure the other day about my review of the Jimmyjane Hello Touch, and she enquired whether or not there was anything else from the Jimmyjane range that I fancied taking a look at. On the whole Jimmyjane products do seem rather geared towards women, but as I've expressed before I am a man who enjoys vibrators, so the unusual design of the Form 2 immediately caught my eye. If one vibrating motor can feel amazing when pin-pointed on the most sensitive parts of the penis, then imagine what it would be like with two. Now that I have one it's time to put that theory to the test!

3 April 2013

Nexus Revo 2

A couple of weeks ago the folks over at (the sadly now defunct) Strawberry Blushes got in touch with me and asked if I'd like to review a product for them, and out of all the wonderful items to choose from in their catalogue, the one which stuck out to me the most was the Nexus Revo 2, so I was thrilled when they generously agreed to send it to me.

The Revo 2 is the successor to the original Nexus Revo prostate massager, which as it happens is a product that I've had my eye on for quite a while now. The Revo 2 was only announced at the end of last year, and up until recently hasn't been widely available to purchase, so it's always fun to try out something so new.

2 April 2013

Tenga Flip Hole White

The other day I received a quite unexpected message from the people at Tenga. It turned out that they'd seen my review of the Flip Hole Red, and appreciated my honest assessment so much that they wanted to offer me an original White Flip Hole to try out as well.

There are currently different four different Flip Holes available - White, Black, Red, and Silver - each with its own completely unique texture inside. Apparently the White is the most popular all round choice in the series, so I've been really looking forward to the opportunity to compare and contrast it with the Red. You can get a quick run down on the differences between them all here.

Now that the package has made its way to me straight from the neon lights of Tokyo, you can catch the review after the jump!