29 January 2013

Metal Worx Mr Smooth

I entered a competition recently to win £50 from Innocent Sex Toys, and when I was lucky enough to indeed win I decided to spend it on the Mr Smooth dildo from Pipedream's Metal Worx range.

The Mr Smooth is my third Metal Worx toy after the Teazer and Curve. I enjoyed those two so much that I was really keen to try out the shape of the Mr Smooth as well, especially given how attractive it looks. Check out the review after the jump!

24 January 2013

Jason Visconti Dildo

It's time for another Fleshjack dildo review, thanks to the lovely folks at Bondara who kindly sent this my way so that I could do the honours for them.

There may be 13 different Fleshjack Boys to choose from at present, and another 6 more on the way next year, but let's not forget where it all began, with the Visconti Triplets. For the first time a Fleshjack was made in the likeness of a male porn star; Joey had his anus moulded, Jimmy his lips, and it was Jason whose penis was originally sculpted out of the finest silicone, and that's what I'm going to be reviewing now. Read it in full after the jump!

23 January 2013

Fun Factory Cobra Libre

This following review is for a discontinued product, and remains for reference only.

Please read my review of the NEW Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

The old review continues below.

22 January 2013

Doc Johnson Double Header

A long time ago I watched a video on the Internet of a young guy inserting an entire 12" long beige dildo into his body, and at the time I was strangely fascinated by the sight. Years later I recognised that that dildo had in fact been the Doc Johnson Double Header, so I thought it might be fun to get hold of one for a review.

I'm always intrigued by people who can get anal toys really deep, because my own body seems to have a natural limit of around 5 1/2" for anything thicker than anal beads. If this dildo was bendy enough for one man to accomplish an impressive feat with, then who knows what my take on it might be. Read the review after the jump!

21 January 2013

Spartacus Teaser Tip Nipple Clamps

Up until now I haven't really ventured into the more kinky S&M side of adult toys on my blog, but as it's a new year I figured why not try something different. I saw a pair of these nipple clamps on sale recently and decided to give them a shot; get the low down after the jump!

18 January 2013

Doc Johnson The Super 7"

I first started lusting after the Super 7" at some point in late 2011. Around that time I was looking for a dildo that was really girthy and I spotted it over at SexToys.co.uk in all its big blue glory. I ended up not buying it right away, then it went permanently out of stock, and as I began acquiring other sizeable dildos I steadily forgot about it, that is until now. I've finally got a hold of 'Big Blue' as I've dubbed it, and now its time to put it to the test.

17 January 2013

Oxballs Sparkplug

Ever since I first tried out the Oxballs Cocksling last year I knew that the next item on my list would have to be the Sparkplug, and as luck would have it the generous people over at Esmale contacted me last week and offered to send me one to review for them. Naturally I gladly accepted, and now you can find out what I thought of it after the jump!

16 January 2013

Tantus Twist

Whenever Tantus comes out with something new I always want to try it, so when I saw their latest trio of butt plugs, the Neo, the Juice, and the Twist it was inevitable that I'd get one, and unsurprisingly I went for the one with the most texture.

15 January 2013

Tantus Asteroid

When Tantus launched their new line of Space Toys towards the end of last year I instantly knew that I had to have one, in no small part because of the appearance. I'm a bigger sucker for great design, and with a colour scheme like that I couldn't resist, so after a lot of hemming and hawing I eventually settled on the Asteroid butt plug as my choice. 

14 January 2013

Fleshjack Sword

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll probably have gathered by now that I'm a big fan of my Fleshjacks, so much so that I already have three of them (an Ice, a Vortex, and a Flight). You'd be forgiven for thinking then "why does he need another?" It's a legitimate question, and in fact it took something special to make me want to expand my collection further. With the celebrity-endorsed Fleshjack Boys models, and downsized Jack's Soda products aside, the Sword (and it's anatomically female counterpart the Blade) is the first real major design variation to the tried and tested Fleshjack product, and naturally this piqued my reviewer's curiosity.

13 January 2013

Mister Twister

This month the folks over at EdenFantasys have sent me the Mister Twister to review for them. It's the third new glass toy I've had of late and my fourth in total, so I'm starting to build a little collection of them. Find out what I thought after the jump!

7 January 2013

Lovehoney Lubricants

The folks over at Lovehoney are awfully sweet, and this Christmas they sent me a lovely selection of samples of their new lubes and toy cleaner, bundled up with a couple of storage pouches, and all packed into one of their fancy new gift boxes. I felt the least I could do to say thanks would be to write a short review, so let's take a quick look at the range after the jump!