24 April 2012

Asstronaut Dildo

Over the Easter weekend the kind people over at SexShop365 sent me the stunning looking Asstronaut dildo to review for them, from Topco Sales' Rascal Toys line.

19 April 2012

Tantus General

The General is my second Tantus dildo, bought simultaneously with the Max O2, as part of my quest to obtain a silicone dildo with a good girth. It's very different to the Max, yet still wonderful in its own right.

18 April 2012

Tantus Max O2

I've been looking for a new realistic dildo for a little while now, and one that also came in a fairly large size, so when I spotted the Max O2 from one of my favourite brands, Tantus, it looked perfect and I just knew that I had to have it.

17 April 2012

Doc Johnson Enspiral

This March I've been sent the Doc Johnson's Enspiral butt plug to test, and it's finally arrived.