4 March 2012

Brent Everett's Dildos

One of gay porn's most in-demand actors, Brent Everett, has in my opinion one of the most beautiful penises in the industry, so when Fleshjack elected to immortalise it in glorious silicone I immediately began lusting after it, and knew that eventually it would be mine.

Not content with one dildo, however, there is now a challenger, in the form of a SensaFirm™ model by Topco Sales' Rascal™ Toys line.

The question is, which one is better, and why? I chose to buy the Fleshjack model, but until I can get hold of the SensaFirm™ too we can only speculate as to how they compare, so let's just quickly pair up the stats after the jump.

Brent Everett Fleshjack Dildo:
  • Material: Platinum silicone
  • Length: 7 7/8" (21cm)
  • Insertable: 6 3/4" (17cm)
  • Diameter: 1.75" (4.5cm)
  • Circumference: 5 5/8" (14cm)
  • Harness compatible: Yes
  • Base: Smooth
  • Colour: Flesh tone
  • Read my review here

  • Material: SensaFirm™
  • Length: 9.25" (23.5cm)
  • Insertable: 7.25" (18.5cm) 
  • Diameter: 2" (5cm)
  • Circumference: 6.28" (16cm)
  • Harness compatible: Yes
  • Base: Suction cup
  • Colour: Hand painted

Clearly there are some variations not only in appearance and material, but in size too, and functionality. It would be really interesting to see how they fare against each other. Already owning several Fleshjack Boys dildos, and being a big silicone fan, I may be a little biased towards the Fleshjack model at this juncture, and indeed that's the one I bought in the end. If you have any personal experience with the SensaFirm™, or indeed both of these dildos, then please share your opinions in the comments section below!


  1. I would be very grateful for any results of such a comparison, since I´m myself not sure which one to pick. I wonder how they can have different sizes, that´s what confuses me. Of the fleshjack I know that it has been molded directly from Brent´s cock, but what about the SensaFirm? It seems to be bigger and I personally prefer the realistic hand painted colour. But nevertheless I would want to have the one which really equates to Brent´s cock... as I don´t see big chances to get the real one ;)

  2. I just received the Sensafirm Brent Everett dildo this morning (April 12, 2012 .. about 40 minutes ago actually) ... I have not tried it as of yet (Not sure that I will ... OK, I KNOW that I will make an attempt at trying it, but pretty sure that I am not going to be able to take it). It's Huge in the Circumference department! I have tons of brent everett vids and pics, I compared the veins on this dildo to different close up pics of brents dick and I must say, its extreemly accurate! I am just not sure about the Circumference. It's a very heavy dildo, GREAT suction cup base, nice packaging too! I will be reusing the package to store this one! My next step is to order the Fleshjack version and compare the 2. Even if I never use them, I love Brent and they both will be a great addition to my collection. Also, before buying this one, I did a search to find the best price .. after going through many search pages I have found them ranging from $30 - $55 (for the Rascal Toy Brand), I ended up searching the Ebay Adult category and found a seller offering 50 of them for $28.50 with Free shipping so I jumped at it! My advise, if you want it, but dont want to spend alot of cash, check out ebay :) There are a few sellers offering the FleshJack version for $49.99 with Free shipping .. Can't wait to order that one!

  3. Hey, thanks a lot for this interim report. I am really looking forward to your comparison of these two. And of course I would like to know: did you manage to take it? ;)

  4. Wow! I could not resist but to try it out in the shower about an hour after posting that I received the Sensafirm .. Had to use LOTS of lube ... was VERY difficult, once the head goes in, and your "warm" up to it, it feels Awesome! I never imagined that I would be able to take it, but I did (the very next night as well). Over-all I am 100% satisfied with the Sensafirm :) Now I need to get the Fleshjack version .... I am now not sure if I am going to get the Everett one or the Corrigan one first .. I'll keep you posted ;-)

    1. I have the Brent Corrigan dildo from Fleshjack and I can fully recommend it. If you'd like to check out my review of it I've updated this post with a new link.

  5. Just purchased the sensafirm yesterday at a local adult shop. When I first saw it hanging up among other "molded" dildos I was in shock at its' size, being a big fan of Brent. But it claimed to be molded directly from him, and the comparable dildos from sensafirm of other porn stars seemed accurate, so I couldn't pass it up. Some say the texture is a little rough, but I found it to be somewhat more accurate and although it hurt at first and took A LOT of lube, it's a great feeling dong with a powerful suction cup! I would recommend this to any die-hard Brent fan any day, just be prepared!!!

  6. Hi, I think I would definitely buy the Fleshjack version rather than the Sensafirm version. BTW, I'm the guy who just bought the Pierre Fitch Fleshjack dildo (left comment asking re suction cup in that post) and I think that after trying this dildo, my next purchase (in a few months time, after I get a bit bored with Pierre) will be the Brent Fleshjack dildo. The reason why I say this is is because I already own a Sensafirm dildo, the Johhny Hazzard (also from topco). It's a great dildo, very satisfying and good quality. But after playing with a silicone fleshjack dildo, I realised that there's no comparison in the quality of the material. The silicon material is much nicer and realistic than Sensafirm. Sensafirm is just rubber and as such has the smell and taste of rubber. So yes, I would recommend you go for the Brent Everett Fleshjack dildo.
    I'm really enjoying your blog, keep up the good work!! :)

  7. Ok guys, this is gonna be a long one...^^
    I´ve finally skipped speculating and went to an adult shop where they claimed to have the whole fleshjack collection. There I did not only find the Brent Everett fleshjack dildo but also the SensaFirm by Rascal, so I was able to see them next to each other and compare their features.
    And it´s true, the SensaFirm is a lot bigger in length and circumference. But it also claims to be moulded from Brent. The form really looks like Brent´s, but it doesn´t seem to be as detailed in the texture as the fleshjack. Honestly I think it is bigger than Brent´s real cock. Probably it was formed to look LIKE Brent´s cock, but not really moulded directly from it since we also never saw pictures of that. On the other hand at the fleshjack homepage you can see pics of the moulding process and of Brent´s cock right next to the dildo.
    In the end I bought the fleshjack because I think it is the more accurate one, and that´s what counts for me. I´d like to give you a short overview about advantages and disadvantages of these two. Unfortunately I wasn´t able to completely unpack the SensaFirm, so I cannot tell anything about what it feels and smells like.
    The SensaFirm is handpainted, therefore it looks a lot like a real penis, also the suction cup and the big size are a plus. The only disadvantage I can think of is that it does in my opinion not have the correct size.
    The fleshjack is just one color (flesh tone, which looks really good and isn´t the pale beige colour on the advertising pics), but in the end you don´t feel the colour, do you?... ;-) It has a decent smell, very neutral and not chemical at all. Unfortunately it doesn´t have a suction cup, which would really help for a wild ride. But since it´s pretty heavy one can manage this problem – still a pity. Now the feeling: OMG does that thing feel amazing! That can´t only be a question of size. Of course it´s big – we know Brent – but I was honestly hoping it was even a little bigger since I could have taken some more. But actually it has the perfect size to REALLY fill a hole and nevertheless not destroy it. Also the curved up form and the hardness of the material feel great. And of course the imagination of really having Brent inside my hole adds a lot to my personal pleasure. These must be the reasons why I like this dildo even more than my – until then – favourite which is bigger.
    To sum it up, it´s up to you which one you choose. But if you want the SensaFirm dildo just because it´s bigger, you could also take just any other big, or even bigger, dildo. For me personally the original “Brent feeling“ is more important and I assume the fleshjack is the one that delivers that.

    1. Wow, thanks for that. That's a lot of information there, you're almost doing my job for me! ;) I'm glad you're enjoying your purchases, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

    2. The fleshjack is the right size for me to take, I looked at the longer thicker version and decided that maybe on another day. Really enjoyed the first time, well lubed I sat on it slowly and could feel all the lumps and bumps entering my hole. I took it slow as I was climaxing almost but once it was right inside me I jacked off and achieved an amazingly thick creamy orgasm.
      So future uses I've been in other positions, had a mate roger me once and he was so ready to blow his load over me!
      So currently happy with the size and can take it as long as its done slowly, maybe one day I'll bite the bullet and go for the monster.

  8. Hi guys! Do you have any idea where to find the fleshjack version of brent everett's cock somewhere in San Francisco?

  9. i took the sensa firm like a champ wow wish i had the real thing ;) the things a country boy will do haha... ND