28 March 2012

Hybrid Toy Concept

I haven't been shy about my criticisms of the Rocks Off prostate massagers, my main problem being the awkward horseshoe shape, so when I saw the L-shaped Butt Boy I'll admit that it piqued my curiosity. My other problem, though, has been with the RO-80mm bullets they use to power their toys, I simply don't find them powerful enough, but earlier today I was struck by a moment of inspiration. 

Someone recently mentioned on Twitter that We-Vibe make their favourite bullet vibrators, so I went and looked up their Salsa model, and as it happens it's exactly the same dimensions as the RO-80mm, only it's rechargeable and has multiple vibration speeds and patterns.

It was clear to me what had to be done; I want to combine the silicone sleeve of the Rocks Off Butt Boy, with the superior bullet vibrator that is the We-Vibe Salsa, and see if this experiment truly does create a superior prostate massager.

Now all that remains is to acquire the various parts and put my plan into motion!

Update: I've since purchased both parts and you can read my reviews by clicking one of the links above.

24 March 2012

Flight: Pilot by Fleshjack

This March saw the debut of Fleshjack's newest product, the Flight, and the people over at Lovehoney asked me if I would test it out for them, and of course I jumped at the chance! Having recently covered the Vortex, I'm dubbing this month Masturbator Madness, in honour of it all.

19 March 2012

Doc Johnson "Super Big End"

I've had my Classic Butt Plug from Doc Johnson for a while now, and as I've unexpectedly been using it more than I anticipated, I decided to upgrade to superior silicone model, in the form of the Super Big End.

Read the review after the jump!

18 March 2012

Fleshjack Pink Bottom Vortex

This March the generous people at SexToys.co.uk were kind enough to send me a Fleshjack Vortex to review. This is now my second Fleshjack, so it presents an excellent opportunity to contrast and compare it with the Fleshjack Ice Bottom Original. I apologise in advance for any areas of slight repetition.

17 March 2012

Sex in the Shower Anal Beads

This week I'm going to be reviewing my first ever pair of silicone anal beads. They're made by  Sportsheets, but the company also sells a version in black under their Sex & Mischief brand.

14 March 2012

Toys I Want in Red

I like red toys more than any other colour, there's just something so sexy and alluring about them. Here are my most lusted after toys in a stunning shade of scarlet - not to scale. From left to right: the Tantus General, the Tantus A-Bomb, the Tantus Severin, and the Oxballs sound set. All are made from high quality platinum silicone.

Technical details are after the jump!

13 March 2012

Doc Johnson Gapers

When I first began exploring anal play I was quite dismissive about the idea of inflatable butt plugs. They always seemed like such flimsy things, and I couldn't quite understand how they could be any good considering how easy it is to compress and change the shape of anything filled with air. As my journey into anal play progressed I gradually found myself coming back to the inflatable toys. The problem I had found was that no toy was ever quite the right size. Some of my favourite toys left me wanting just that bit more girth, and others proved simply too much. I knew that there was a sweet spot and I was determined to find it, but it became apparent that the only way would be if I had something I could adjust, and inflatables re-entered my consciousness.

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12 March 2012

TitanMen Vibrations Master #1

Over at Lovehoney this March it's Doc Johnson month, and the kind people there decided to send me the Vibrations Master #1 from the TitanMen range to test.

Read the review after the jump!

9 March 2012

Toy Colours

Aesthetics have always been important to me when picking out toys; if something has an interesting shape and colour then it really adds to the overall allure. On that note, there are two colours I really can't abide in sex toys, and I wish companies would stop using them: flesh tone and black.

Let's start with black. I actually like the colour black; my consumer electronics are black, a large portion of my wardrobe is black, but I don't want my sex toys being black. The thing is I see sex as something that's fun, and therefore sex toys should be fun. To me black is not a fun colour, it's rather severe, a black toy doesn't inspire me to use it. Now there are some toys where black makes sense, such as my Intimidator and Big Stuff from the TitanMen range. These are large toys trying to convey an extreme image, and black works perfectly for that. I'm not saying that had they been available in another colour that I wouldn't have chosen it, but I can accept black here because it's contextual. When you want that giant anal toy to appear menacing, you make it black without hesitation. In other cases there's no real argument for black, and it shouldn't be the default shade.

Flesh tone is the other one I have a problem with, and let's not even call it "flesh", because really no one's skin is that colour, it's more of an insipid peachy-beige. The one toy I have which falls into the flesh tone category is my Pierre Fitch Dildo, and I have to say that this is the exception to the rule. A flesh colour is fine here because it's a dildo modelled on an actual person, it's supposed to be a realistic replica of Pierre's penis, so giving it a skin tone makes sense. What doesn't make sense is is a flesh coloured butt plug. Why would you even do that? A butt plug is not modelled on a body part, there's no reason to give it that colouring. I'm not even that keen on regular phallic dildos being flesh coloured; it's just so bland. We know it's not an actual penis, it's just a shape that some designer sculpted, so why not spice it up in a fun colour? I mentioned the Super 7" in a previous post, I actually missed out on buying that at a huge discount because I wanted the blue and they only had flesh in stock.

What I want to say, to both retailers and manufacturers, is sell more colourful toys! Colourful toys are fun, they're exciting, inspiring, they look good standing on your bedside table before you use them. There's a whole spectrum of colours out there, so take advantage of it! For retailers especially, when companies do make the effort to produce their toys in a variety of colours, don't just pick what you perceive to be the safe option, and stock only the black or the flesh. I want you to say no to those colours and buy the reds, the blues, the purples instead! Let's brighten up the bedroom and have a vibrant toy chest, rather than a homogeneous one.

If you agree, comment below. :)

8 March 2012

Zen & the Art of Fleshjack Maintenance

Probably the number one complaint of Fleshjack owners is that the maintenance is a hassle. I wrote about this in my review of the Fleshjack Ice Bottom, but for those who don't want to read through that I've created a  simple step-by-step guide to caring for your Fleshjack with minimal effort.

4 March 2012

Brent Everett's Dildos

One of gay porn's most in-demand actors, Brent Everett, has in my opinion one of the most beautiful penises in the industry, so when Fleshjack elected to immortalise it in glorious silicone I immediately began lusting after it, and knew that eventually it would be mine.

Not content with one dildo, however, there is now a challenger, in the form of a SensaFirm™ model by Topco Sales' Rascal™ Toys line.

The question is, which one is better, and why? I chose to buy the Fleshjack model, but until I can get hold of the SensaFirm™ too we can only speculate as to how they compare, so let's just quickly pair up the stats after the jump.

3 March 2012

Give Lube Premium Aqua Gel

The very generous people at Give Lube kindly sent me a couple of bottles of their product to review, so many thanks to them, and without further ado...

Read the review after the jump!

2 March 2012

Open Letter to Rocks Off

Rocks Off is a company that I really really want to like, and not just because it's British and I'm a big supporter of local industry, but because their designers are actually quite creative and innovative in what they do, and they're willing to use colours in their products which is something I care about. This just makes it all the more frustrating, however, when I find silly flaws in their products which devalue them and prevent me from liking them. I'm going to go through a list of the top problems as I see them, after the jump.

1 March 2012

Doc Johnson: The Super 7" vs Ballsy 7" Super Cock

Doc Johnson is a rather interesting company; you'll notice the more you browse through their product catalogue that they have a habit of using the same mould to produce toys of different materials. Case in point, above to the right is the Super 7" premium platinum silicone dildo, and to the left is the Ballsy 7" Super Cock, made from silagel. They also announced recently that similarly their dildo moulded from porn star 'James Deen' would be released in two versions.

When you think about it, it's rather a clever solution, because it takes a successful design and markets it at both the customer who is discerning about what materials they put inside their body, and the customer who is making a price-conscious decision.

While I'd love for this to be a review post, contrasting the two products, sadly it isn't. The fact is I'm having a moment of weakness.