14 February 2012


With this first post I officially join the ranks of the sex toy bloggers throughout the Internet!

I decided to create this blog because sex toys are something I have an interest in, and have been talking and writing about for a while. A blog seemed like the perfect place to opine on the subject, and to aggregate all the reviews I leave on online stores. I also wanted to offer a male perspective on a subject which is typically dominated by a number of very competent female bloggers.

I'm always open to to trying a wide variety of toys, so expect reviews on everything from masturbators to prostate massagers to butt plugs and beyond! Many of the items I review I've purchased myself, and on other occasions retailers which I shall credit have generously sent them to me for free, but I always maintain an honest and impartial assessment of them.

I don't write with a specific audience in mind, and as many of the toys are unisex, and able to be enjoyed by both men and women, gay and straight alike, I believe that there should be something here for everyone.

This blog is a work in progress, so there may be some style changes along the way, but I hope you enjoy reading it and it proves useful.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging, Ive already read some of your previous reviews so I know its going to be a great blog.
    Looking forward to many exciting posts.

  2. A great blog, nice to see you joining the reviewers and bloggers world! Look forward to reading more from you :)
    Cara x