21 September 2014

Lovehoney weekend sale!

Lovehoney Sale

Click the banner above to automatically get 25% off any order over £25 at Lovehoney this weekend!

Been waiting to buy that expensive Electrastim kit, luxury Lelo toy, thrusting Stronic, or even the powerful new Cobra Libre II? Now is the perfect opportunity!

19 September 2014

Keep Burning Worker Dildo

Last year Keep Burning sent me their beautiful and unique Cock Skull dildo to review, and ever since then I've been a big fan of the brand, and eager to try out another of their offerings. I've had my eye on the Worker dildo for a while, both because of its lovely shape and unusual "zebra" texture, and also because it's a bit more of an everyday dildo compared the huge Cock Skull which requires a little working up to.

I was lucky when last month Keep Burning contacted me again and offered to send out a Worker for me to try, and they even generously threw in their new Plumber dildo too, so expect another review in the near future. For now you can get the low down on this one after the jump!

27 August 2014

HedoVibes Round-up 56

To check out this week's round-up of all the latest sex toy reviews and contests posted throughout the blogosphere click below.

My review of the all new Fun Factory Cobra Libre II is featured in this edition.

22 August 2014

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

In late June Fun Factory quietly put out a press release announcing a new updated model of their vibrating male masturbator, the Cobra Libre II, and it finally found its way into this month's edition of ETO magazine where I read all about it. Amidst all my eagerness to find out how they'd improved it I was lucky enough to be sent a unit by Fun Factory to review.

I reviewed the original Cobra Libre back at the start of 2013, and my views on it were largely positive, but I did have a few niggling complaints about things such as the temperamental touch-sensitive buttons, and it appears that these have been addressed in the new version, so it should be interesting to put it to the test.

Last year also saw the release of the Pulse by Hot Octopus, the first direct rival to the Cobra Libre, so it looks like we're in for a three-way comparison, with the old, the new, and the competitor all being weighed against each other.

As always, check out the review below.

13 August 2014

HedoVibes Round-up 54

To check out this week's round-up of all the latest sex toy reviews and contests posted throughout the blogosphere click below.

My review of the Zolo Pocket Pool Straight Shooter is featured in this edition.

8 August 2014

Fleshjack Friday

I was sitting here today lusting after some of the new Fleshjack Boys dildos that Fleshjack have added to their range, when it occurred to me that I hadn't taken a photo of my ever-expanding collection in a while. In fact the last time was in March of 2013, back when I had just 5 of them, and I've since added Dolph Lambert and Mick Lovell to my ensemble.

Check it out below for a couple of photos to see how all 8 measure up next to each other. At this rate I'm going to need a bigger windowsill soon.

Zolo Pocket Pool Straight Shooter

Last week I reviewed the Zolo Cup, Zolo's answer to the Tenga Cup, and found out that it came up a little short. This week I'm going to be reviewing another Zolo product, also kindly provided by the folks at Bondara, the Zolo Pocket Pool, which is more or less a Tenga Egg. You may be sensing a pattern here.

Whereas last week I did pretty much a direct back-to-back comparison with the Zolo and Tenga cups, in this case I reviewed my Tenga Egg back in June of 2012, so we're going to have to rely mostly on my memory when ascertaining which is superior.