13 November 2014

Giveaway: Traz Rhino Penis Extender

Recently the company Traz got in touch with me and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing their new silicone penis extender, the Rhino. Because it's more of a couples' toy I decided that it would be best to hold off on reviewing this for now, but they came back and offered me the chance to run a giveaway with them, and I of course agreed as I do love to share free stuff with my readers.

To find out more about the Rhino, and to enter the competition, simply head below!

Book Giveaway: Variations on Oral

This month I'm going to be running two brand new competitions for my readers, hot on the tail of my last one.

For the literary-minded amongst you Cleis Press are offering the chance for someone to win their new collection of erotic short stories about oral sex: Variations on Oral

I'm not really a connoisseur of erotica, but I know that many of you are big fans of this stuff, so I'm happy to be able to share this opportunity with you. 

For more details, and how to enter, head below.

12 November 2014

HedoVibes Round-up 66

To check out this week's round-up of all the latest sex toy reviews and contests posted throughout the blogosphere click below.

My review of the Marcus Mojo dildo and Zizi Cosmic cock ring are featured in this edition.

7 November 2014

Marcus Mojo Dildo

A couple of months back Fleshjack kindly offered to send me a product cast from one of their newer Fleshjack Boys, and while it was a tough choice choosing from all those lovely guys, I ended up picking out the Marcus Mojo dildo. Marcus is a model I've watched in porn a few times in the past, and I thought it might be fun to vary things up a bit and go for a dildo that was a little more modest, a la the Kevin Warhol.

Amidst a sudden inundation of other products this review did get put on the back-burner a bit, but a few readers have asked me when I was going to get around to posting it finally, so I've decided to make it a priority this week, and you can read it all below.

1 November 2014

Zizi Cosmic cock ring

Last week Jay from Esmale got in touch and asked if I'd like to review one of the new Zizi Cosmic cock rings. Zizi is the sister brand of Keep Burning, the European company that makes those silicone dildos I'm rather fond of, so I was keen to check out what their cock ring offerings would be like.

Grab the review after the jump.

29 October 2014

HedoVibes Round-up 64

To check out this week's round-up of all the latest sex toy reviews and contests posted throughout the blogosphere click below.

My review of the Tantus Amsterdam Fantasy Gag is featured in this edition.

24 October 2014

Tantus Fantasy Gag

And now for something completely different, as John Cleese famously once said. It's not often that I stray into the world of S&M or bondage, but when I saw the Fantasy Gag from Tantus it seemed unusual enough that I wanted to try it. I'm someone that has, shall we say, an oral fixation. I unashamedly love giving head, and in fact half the fun for me of buying a porn star dildo is the chance to suck on it and see how it feels in my mouth, so when I saw that Tantus had made a gag in the shape of a penis I wondered what could be better. I may not be entirely into the scene of being gagged, but having a penis strapped inside my mouth is something I'm more than happy to try, so let's see how this particular piece fares.