14 February 2014

Two Years!

I can't quite believe it but it's exactly two years now since I started this blog, and  113  reviews later and I'm still here writing about sex toys.

I feel a little bad because this anniversary sneaked up on me, and although it's already mid-February this is my inaugural post of 2014, so I haven't planned any giveaways as in previous years. I guess its just taken a little longer to snap back from the Christmas hiatus and get writing again than I was expecting, but I have a few great toys that I've been dying to share with my readers for ages, so I'm determined to review a couple soon.

One thing I did do this week is have a huge clear out of old sex toy packaging, making a little more room around the place for new pieces to be stored. If you follow me on Twitter then you may have seen this photo of just part of what got sent for recycling. I call it the wall of Tantus.

That's about all I can really think to say so it's going to be a short update this year. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and/or leaves comments, and makes what I do seem worthwhile, and thanks to all the companies who've supported what I do over the past 12 months by sending over products. Here's to another year!

25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

I'm taking a little hiatus from blogging this month while I deal with all the festive madness going on around me, but I thought I'd post a quick update to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and also to thank some people for the lovely gifts pictured above.

A couple of my favourite companies sent me some wonderful and unexpected gift parcels this month. Give Lube sent over their new Raspberry and Cherry flavoured Oral Pleasure Gels which taste absolutely amazing, and Tantus provided me with a bumper box containing the Duke in this beautiful peacock colour, the Asteroid, the Ripple large, the Buck, the Plunge Paddle, and a Super Soft C-Ring in my favourite colour. 

Unfortunately I do already own the Asteroid and the Buck, so I may use these spares for a giveaway in the future. On the plus side it means you can already read the reviews for them, and you can expect reviews for everything else some time early next year.

So thanks again to everyone who sent something over, and I hope all my readers enjoy the rest of their Winter break! 

11 November 2013

HedoVibes Round-up 16

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I even happen to be featured a couple of times just in case you missed anything recently.

5 November 2013

Pulse by Hot Octopus

Anyone who keeps up with my blog will know that I've been extolling the virtues of male vibrator use for a while now. Personally I just love it, whether it be a sophisticated contraption like the Cobra Libre, or simply repurposing a powerful bullet vibe like the Salsa or Form 2 to use on the most sensitive parts of the penis. The thing is though, that frankly there aren't a lot of vibrators actually marketed at men, but Hot Octopus are changing that now, and already I think that this may be my favourite new product of the year.

29 October 2013

Toy With Me Tuesday - Halloween!

I haven't done one of these in ages, but it's a special occasion. Not the greatest photo composition in the world, but enjoy my collection of Halloween themed toys and a small pumpkin I carved myself. 

Toy with me Tuesday

28 October 2013

HedoVibes Round-up 14


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My review of the Vixen Leoweenie is featured this time just in case you missed it.

Tantus Stroker

The lovely Brianna over at Tantus recently asked me to put together a list of Tantus toys that I'd be interested in trying out, so I gladly obliged, and then the next thing I knew the Stroker turned up in the post much to my excitement.

Unfortunately the excitement didn't last for long because it soon transpired that "part A" wouldn't fit into "part B." At this point I didn't really know what to do, as I couldn't write a full review for a toy which I couldn't actually use, so I hemmed and hawed over it for a while, and desperately applied more lube to see if anything might budge. Now you can imagine my embarrassment, because I was essentially about to e-mail someone and say "I'm sorry, but my penis is too big for your toy." It almost doesn't sound like a serious complaint, and more like something that someone would invent for the sake of bragging "yo bro, my dick's too big for this thing; who's the man!?" (this is how I assume frat guys speak). Luckily Brianna was very understanding about the situation and was happy for me not to do the review if I didn't feel comfortable with it, and honestly my biggest concern was that anything I'd write would be unfair as I hadn't managed to use it properly.

I've decided that I am going to write a little overview of it now though, because from my experience I did gain a few insights into the product which I feel would be worth sharing with other guys contemplating buying it who may be a little larger than average.